There is a growing need to objectively measure your marketing initiatives to calculate its effectiveness. Insight, the marketing audit service from LegaliMarketing, will help the law firms or solo practitioners get a clear perception of their current marketing efforts so that you can focus and optimise your marketing efforts to maximise impact whilst lowering costs.

Insight evaluates your marketing efforts on metrics across four dimensions namely,
  • Customer Base

  • Marketing Spend ROI

  • Brand Strength

  • Product Qualities

Insight suggests ways to optimise the measured performance through new and innovative marketing initiatives and techniques designed by experts to suit your requirements.

Our Insight service includes:
  • Analysing the law firm’s performance in important business areas like customer base, marketing investment and returns, brand strength and service quality.

  • Recommendations to improve marketing strategies to optimise results.

  • Marketing campaigns designed by experts to develop your marketing efforts.

  • Premium service includes competitor analysis, campaign measurement, and other efforts to make detailed recommendations to make your marketing more effective.

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