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Are the referrals that you receive less than the number required for the growth of your firm? Are the referrals you are getting propitious for developing long-term business associations? Are you able to get quality clients with less effort?

Are you so busy with the daily demands of running your practice, meeting court deadlines and serving client needs that you don't have time for business development?

Is ineffective client management affecting your profitability? Find out the reason. Your rainmaker brings in a new client to your law firm. All starts well, however after a whilst the client does not respond to your calls (most of the times you call them), shows dissatisfaction with your services...

Think back to a cocktail party that you recently attended. There were some people who seemed to know nearly everyone in the room, moving from one group to another with ease, leaving no hand unshaken. Some others, meanwhile, stood around uneasily,

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